Our Story

Abyat Elevators is a pioneer company of the experience of the elevator labor market, leading in the installation and the maintenance of elevators and escalators.
the Company was established within a strong competitive environment, that makes it take all the reason for the success of this type of business.

Abyat Elevators Company highlights the customer segment who are looking for quality and the right price compared to competitors in the labor market, and offers a wide range of elevator options including:
villa elevators.
factory elevators.
hospital elevators.
residential and commercial elevators .
in addition to escalators that serve the customer's needs.

Abyat Elevators Company provides the installation service through a selection of engineers, technicians and an integrated maintenance team for periodic maintenance work and emergency service in Kuwait all the time.

the company is characterized by installation of elevators and escalators imported in accordance with international specifications and under the conditions of the general directorate of firefighting. Our target is to satisfy you and to get your trust in us in order to take our steps to the ladder of success with good reputation.