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Abyat Elevators has gained a considerable experience through its practical experiences in the field of elevators and what is related to it from installations and modern technologies, .

About US

The Company was established within a strong competitive environment, that makes it take all the reason for the success of this type of business.

Our Mission

Abyat Elevators Company highlights the customer segment who are looking for quality and the right price compared to competitors in the labor market

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Our Products


Passenger Elevators

Designed with the upper and the lower machine room.installed in houses,hotels,banks,offices, administrative and residential buildings.The rated capacity ranges from 320 to 1600kg,the rated speed is between 0.4 and 1.6m/s.


Panorama Elevators

The most prominent feature of panoramic elevators that distinguishes them from other elevator models is that one or few walls of cabin is/are made of glass. mostly preferred for business centers, shopping malls, entertainment centers, hotels restaurants


Food Elevators

This elevator kind that is also known as service elevator , generally is used in restaurants, hotels and villas for transferring food and dining equipment from/to kitchen . shelf system may be assembled As to user’s request



our escalators have transportation capacity between 4500 and 13500 people per hour. With the rated speed between 0.45 m/s and 0.75 m/s our escalator are applied in airports, undergrounds, shopping malls and hotels.


Hydraulic Elevators

ideal elevator to provide the space. it is installed without any foundation or cracking works, easy to install in all places. It is spacious and flexible.used in places where the transport of cargo is intensive, such as stores, shopping places and factories.

room less elevators

Room less Elevators

(NO ROOM)machine roomless lift puts the entire elevator into the shaft, And there is no need to build a machine room additionally,thereby saving construction costs and space,and provides more choices for building design.

Spare Parts